Sohar power plant commercially operates phase 3

June 1, 2019

Oman: The "third phase" of commercial operation of the plant at Sohar Port, after passing all operational tests with high efficiency, began the plant. The plant is the second largest power plant in Oman with a production capacity of 1,710 MW and is located in Sohar port and connected to the main electricity grid, said Abdullah bin Ali Al Nouveli, CEO of the company. He stressed that the plant "is designed according to the latest global technologies based on the installed cycle system that works to reduce costs and raise the efficiency of the consumption of natural gas used in electricity generation, so the sohar power plant is the third most efficient plant in The Sultanate operationally", he explained that the volume of investments of the project amounted to about 384 million Ro approximately «billion dollars». He pointed out that this project is contributed by Mitsui Company and its partners Limited, Aqua Power and Dhofar International Development and Investment Holding. The CEO of Shanas Electric Company added that the value of contracts assigned to local companies exceeded RO 68 million. The totality of the operator of the plant (the first national company for operation and maintenance services) is more than 70%. For his part, Eng. Ali bin Saeed Al Hadabi, CEO of The Omani Electricity Transmission Company said that «Oman Electricity Transmission Company has committed to build a 400 kV transmission network to connect this plant to the company's existing network in the north of Batina, where a number of 400 kV voltage stations were constructed in Sohar state as well as overhead and floor lines of 400 kV and thankfully these projects were successfully completed to enable the Sohar power plant (phase III) to pump its production into the main grid before the start of summer 2019.